Commit 3fd7f8da authored by Dennis Neidherr's avatar Dennis Neidherr 😲
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- Added a new helper VI which extrcts additional information from URLs

- modified the URL readback so that special characters like ":" are only forbidden in the last element of the URL
NOTE: This still might need some testing; my first applications are running with this change but...
parent 9e81ed67
......@@ -110,6 +110,7 @@ Die sprachspezifischen Genehmigungen und Beschränkungen unter der Lizenz sind d
<Item Name="Error Cluster from Error" Type="VI" URL="../Error Cluster from Error"/>
<Item Name="Error to" Type="VI" URL="../Error to"/>
<Item Name="Extract LVCLASS-Taged" Type="VI" URL="../Extract LVCLASS-Taged"/>
<Item Name="Extract URL" Type="VI" URL="../Extract URL"/>
<Item Name="Floating" Type="VI" URL="../Floating"/>
<Item Name="Get Class Default" Type="VI" URL="../Get Class Default"/>
<Item Name="Read URLs from" Type="VI" URL="../Read URLs from"/>
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