Commit 963f9b44 authored by Dennis Neidherr's avatar Dennis Neidherr 😲
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- Added possibility to create associated GUI from db

- Move 'PV Establish from CSPP_Utilities.lvlib to CSPP_ProcessVariables.lvlib
- Fixed bug in GUIActor DispatchPVMonitors which was introduced by creating more than one monitor for one GUI
- Add polling with simple delay to CSPP_DeviceActor.
parent 9f411788
......@@ -71,9 +71,6 @@ Die sprachspezifischen Genehmigungen und Beschränkungen unter der Lizenz sind d
<Item Name="Type Descriptor__ogtk.ctl" Type="VI" URL="../Type Descriptor__ogtk.ctl"/>
<Item Name="Variant to Header" Type="VI" URL="../Variant to Header"/>
<Item Name="PV" Type="Folder">
<Item Name="PV Establish" Type="VI" URL="../PV Establish"/>
<Item Name="Web" Type="Folder">
<Item Name="" Type="VI" URL="../"/>
<Item Name="" Type="VI" URL="../"/>
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