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Added the possibility to include a ScalingOffset Parameter to the CS++MotorBase class

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......@@ -82,4 +82,11 @@ constantly ask the motor for its status, maybe the motor publishes these informa
for a motor which needs polling to aqcuire these information; the CS++IEFWerner is an example for a motor which publishes its status automaticaly. Both can be fond in the
CSPP_Motion package.
INI-File Settings
Everything should be straight forward. Just be aware of that the scaling parameter is the factor multiplied with the Raw-Step values to get the physical values (mm etc).
So the unit of the scaling parameter is for example [scaling] = mm / steps. The offset is also in physical units.
The upper and lower limit have to be included as physical values. Note that the limits also reflects a possible scaling offset, for example if the motor starts at 0 steps,
the scaling offset is 3 cm, then the lower limit has to be 3 cm as well.
1.Apr2016, D.Neidherr (
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