1. 09 Jul, 2014 1 commit
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      Use alarm and event notification for myDouble FP coloring. · be9dd84d
      Holger Brand authored
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 81caf46ca2f6eb0af65c3a827fe4b4e9a671060c
      Author: Holger Brand <H.Brand@gsi.de>
      Date:   Wed Jul 9 16:20:50 2014 +0200
          Modify  coloring of myDouble FP element for differen alarm status.
      commit 812cf890d5d6a2473d26a82a659e421daa04fff8
      Author: Holger Brand <H.Brand@gsi.de>
      Date:   Tue Jul 8 17:46:45 2014 +0200
          PVClientExample works with myDouble alarms resulting in color changes.
      commit 67911db04cf9b18d8b87122fde8c1683b94ee282
      Author: Holger Brand <H.Brand@gsi.de>
      Date:   Tue Jul 8 14:20:06 2014 +0200
          Add registration for alarm and event