Commit f57016c4 authored by Eugen Deimundt's avatar Eugen Deimundt
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Remove unsupported SV properties (DSC)

parent 6854563f
......@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ Die sprachspezifischen Genehmigungen und Beschränkungen unter der Lizenz sind d
<Property Name="Description:Description" Type="Str">0: Disabled
1: Expired
2: Running</Property>
<Property Name="featurePacks" Type="Str">Description,Initial Value,Network</Property>
<Property Name="featurePacks" Type="Str">Description,Network</Property>
<Property Name="Initial Value:Value" Type="Str">0.000000</Property>
<Property Name="Network:BuffSize" Type="Str">50</Property>
<Property Name="Network:SingleWriter" Type="Str">True</Property>
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