Commit 2321fe0e authored by Holger Brand's avatar Holger Brand

Build Installe for usage with DIM only.

parent ad3a3db0
......@@ -643,9 +643,6 @@ Die sprachspezifischen Genehmigungen und Beschränkungen unter der Lizenz sind d
<Property Name="MSI_upgradeCode" Type="Str">{19C42E4C-FBB1-4E46-8829-77953DD37C75}</Property>
<Property Name="MSI_windowMessage" Type="Str">This application will read and publish CPU, Memory and Disk usage to Shared Variables or DIM Services (default). Do not forget to set enviroment variable DIM_DNS_NODE where the dns.exe is executed.</Property>
<Property Name="MSI_windowTitle" Type="Str">CSPP SystemMonitor</Property>
<Property Name="MSI_winsec.certificate" Type="Str">Brand Holger (Brand)</Property>
<Property Name="MSI_winsec.description" Type="Str"></Property>
<Property Name="MSI_winsec.timestamp" Type="Str"></Property>
<Property Name="RegDest[0].dirName" Type="Str">Software</Property>
<Property Name="RegDest[0].dirTag" Type="Str">{DDFAFC8B-E728-4AC8-96DE-B920EBB97A86}</Property>
<Property Name="RegDest[0].parentTag" Type="Str">2</Property>
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