Commit 374c921d authored by Holger Brand's avatar Holger Brand

Update submodule to include CSPP_SystemManager.

parent 7dfd72d1
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Subproject commit 6d2ba094b225bb7c46eba3aa5bb8d3de4552a19b
Subproject commit 492f72e0db04d3041e89e2a5c2887cb0264e478c
......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ Getting started:
- `CSPP-Template.lvlib` to `YourProject.lvlib`
- You need to create and deploy your project specific shared variable libraries.
- Sample shared variable libraries should be available on disk in the corresponding package folder.
- e.g. copy CSPP_SystemManager_SV.lvlib and rename corresponding URLs in ini.file.
- Run your project specific `` in order to check if everything is working.
- Extend `YourProject.lvproj` to your needs.
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