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Add Fuzzy Control Callback Msg to UHVHC_Main. PWMRations are calculated by the...

Add Fuzzy Control Callback Msg to UHVHC_Main. PWMRations are calculated by the Fuzzy Controller and returns to UHVHC_Main which publishes them to PV.
parent 82645943
Subproject commit c1d750c3c62d04f0e0bbe4851c78e1a959150425
Subproject commit 296beb8b42ba80eb701e65db002a510ffff509b7
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......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ Die sprachspezifischen Genehmigungen und Beschränkungen unter der Lizenz sind d
<Item Name="Control State Msg.lvclass" Type="LVClass" URL="../UHVHC_Main Messages/Control State Msg/Control State Msg.lvclass"/>
<Item Name="Enable Channel Msg.lvclass" Type="LVClass" URL="../UHVHC_Main Messages/Enable Channel Msg/Enable Channel Msg.lvclass"/>
<Item Name="Enable Channels Msg.lvclass" Type="LVClass" URL="../UHVHC_Main Messages/Enable Channels Msg/Enable Channels Msg.lvclass"/>
<Item Name="Fuzzy Control CB Msg.lvclass" Type="LVClass" URL="../UHVHC_Main Messages/Fuzzy Control CB Msg/Fuzzy Control CB Msg.lvclass"/>
<Item Name="PWMRatio Msg.lvclass" Type="LVClass" URL="../UHVHC_Main Messages/PWMRatio Msg/PWMRatio Msg.lvclass"/>
<Item Name="PWMRatios Msg.lvclass" Type="LVClass" URL="../UHVHC_Main Messages/PWMRatios Msg/PWMRatios Msg.lvclass"/>
<Item Name="SPTemperature Msg.lvclass" Type="LVClass" URL="../UHVHC_Main Messages/SPTemperature Msg/SPTemperature Msg.lvclass"/>
......@@ -1870,7 +1870,7 @@ Eine Kopie der Lizenz finden Sie hier:</Property>
<Property Name="Bld_supportedLanguage[0]" Type="Str">English</Property>
<Property Name="Bld_supportedLanguageCount" Type="Int">1</Property>
<Property Name="Bld_userLogFile" Type="Path">/D/builds/UHVHC/Host/UHVHC/UHV-HeatControl-Host_UHVHC_log.txt</Property>
<Property Name="" Type="Int">9</Property>
<Property Name="" Type="Int">10</Property>
<Property Name="Destination[0].destName" Type="Str">UHVHC.exe</Property>
<Property Name="Destination[0].path" Type="Path">/D/builds/UHVHC/Host/UHVHC/UHVHC.exe</Property>
<Property Name="Destination[0].path.type" Type="Str">&lt;none&gt;</Property>
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