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It work with 3 motors

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......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ For information on moving this example to another FPGA target, refer to
<Item Name="Velocity Conversion StepsPerPeriod to" Type="VI" URL="../support/Velocity Conversion StepsPerPeriod to"/>
<Item Name="Zero with" Type="VI" URL="../support/Zero with"/>
<Item Name="" Type="VI" URL="../"/>
<Item Name="" Type="VI" URL="../"/>
<Item Name="NI 9503 Stepper Drive Velocity Setpoint.html" Type="Document" URL="../documentation/NI 9503 Stepper Drive Velocity Setpoint.html"/>
<Item Name="stepping-motor-characteristic data.txt" Type="Document" URL="../documentation/stepping-motor-characteristic data.txt"/>
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