Commit 5bb15f20 authored by Daniel Krebs's avatar Daniel Krebs
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Add GDP FPGA Motion library.

parent b477f99f
......@@ -31,3 +31,6 @@
[submodule "Packages/BNT_DSCXYGraph"]
path = Packages/BNT_DSCXYGraph
url =
[submodule "Packages/GDP-NI9503-Stepper-Drive"]
path = Packages/GDP-NI9503-Stepper-Drive
url = D:\\Git\\GDP-NI9503-Stepper-Drive.git
GDP-NI9503-Stepper-Drive @ a6c8fe43
Subproject commit a6c8fe43b62989035259f9b64774aba8f7bb92a8
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