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Open with LV2019, but don't save. LV2019 support for PXI-7813R seems to be...

Open with LV2019, but don't save. LV2019 support for PXI-7813R seems to be stopped due to ended support of Xilinx VIRTEX II in new version ofVivando Tools .
parent eab600e9
C:\User\Brand\LVP\TASCA\UTCS\Packages\UTCS\BeamControl\Host\UTCS_BCIL\Initialize Device (UTCS_BMIL.lvlib:UTCS_BCIL.lvclass:Initialize Device
NI R Series Multifunction RIO Driver support for LabVIEW 2019 is missing and is referenced by the following VIs:
Subproject commit 7d28780e585f21933e72ba96298c1dcfbb7e1a20
Subproject commit 4474279db9f0ebc24d8c185bb551ae4b5416f6cb
Subproject commit fdd9de38731de228a98c3b9bc360f9787806e798
Subproject commit 6134c332fe8d68c23b2104e6deb1d28b98ccf4aa
Subproject commit 0eecc406a70247e8de2606d47b8cc6f075e23b87
Subproject commit 21299ce36be8171db4585ebf89d0b590912eaae5
Subproject commit 8356c8470f1dfdabf328b85225f6db01d356a183
Subproject commit e6926c8b85a087a87c68b9a857a86e5454fb6ee0
Subproject commit e7b08c89cb7aa521ee7efaf2dbe2d8d7c1ca5c43
Subproject commit a83e57663fffec19e91030ae8782934e83d52cf2
Subproject commit 17f528b3b13d36ac0f68d47629a265d625c86e23
Subproject commit 6d2ba094b225bb7c46eba3aa5bb8d3de4552a19b
Subproject commit 521b592ff682a1d6bc3680b647c1ce222a3e3853
Subproject commit f706c9454ea01a8691fbd60bb7a06a73fe004689
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