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......@@ -61,9 +61,9 @@ Getting started:
- _Optionally switch to the most recent branch._
- `chmod a-w -R *` to avoid unintended changes.
- Optionally create a hard link to the custom error file(s):
- cd <LabVIEW 2015>\user.lib\errors
- cd <LabVIEW>\user.lib\errors
- mklink /h CSPP_Core-errors.txt Packages\CSPP_Core\CSPP_Core-errors.txt
- Rename `CSPP_Template.lvproj` to `YourProject.lvproj`
- Rename `CSPP-Template.lvproj` to `YourProject.lvproj`
- Open `YourProject.lvproj` with LabVIEW
- Rename following files:
- `CSPP-Template.ini` to `YourProject.ini`
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