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# AF-HelloWorld
Introduction to NI's Actor Framework.
To be used in Hands-on Workshop. Each commit is a partial extension to the complete solution.
## Problem statement
The project to be implemented during the workshop is the Hello World of LabVIEW:
*Acquire/Generate, Analyse, Display and Store Data.*
## Proposed solution
But, we would like to choose the native object oriented approach in LabVIEW and the Actor Framework to solve the problem.
Each required activity, generate/acquire, analyze display and store, is performed by an actor which provides its own active thread and is using message objects to communicate with other actors.
The addressed attendees should have good knowledge of at least LabVIEW Core 1-3 and some experience in designing LabVIEW applications.
Basic experience with LabVIEW classes is an advantage, but not necessary.
Knoweldge of typedefs and their usage would be sufficient.
Published under EUPL v.1.
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