Commit e666042f authored by Holger Brand's avatar Holger Brand
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Add UML-Diagram for DataTree

parent e6bb1d7a
......@@ -43,7 +43,10 @@ Subject is the Hello Wolrd of LabVIEW: "Acquire Data, Analyze, Store, Visualize"
<Item Name="Classes" Type="Folder">
<Item Name="LHW-Data.lvlib" Type="Library" URL="../Classes/LHW-Data/LHW-Data.lvlib"/>
<Item Name="Documentation" Type="Folder"/>
<Item Name="Documentation" Type="Folder">
<Item Name="DataTree.jpg" Type="Document" URL="../Documentation/DataTree.jpg"/>
<Item Name="DataTree.uml" Type="Document" URL="../Documentation/DataTree.uml"/>
<Item Name="Libraries" Type="Folder">
<Item Name="Actor Framework.lvlib" Type="Library" URL="/&lt;vilib&gt;/ActorFramework/Actor Framework.lvlib"/>
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