Commit a99a196e authored by Peter Zumbruch's avatar Peter Zumbruch
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corrected deprecated prog_char

git-svn-id: 50339f28-a4cd-11e1-ab1f-8360dde1fe65
parent cc16457b
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ int8_t owiApi(struct uartStruct *ptr_uartStruct)
ptr_uartStruct->number_of_arguments = 1;
clearString(setParameter[1], MAX_LENGTH_PARAMETER);
snprintf_P(setParameter[1],MAX_LENGTH_PARAMETER -1, (const prog_char*) (pgm_read_word( &(owiApiCommandKeywords[index]))));
snprintf_P(setParameter[1],MAX_LENGTH_PARAMETER -1, (PGM_P) (pgm_read_word( &(owiApiCommandKeywords[index]))));
printDebug_p(debugLevelEventDebug, debugSystemOWIApiSettings, __LINE__, PSTR(__FILE__), PSTR("recursive call of %s with parameter \"%s\" (%p)"), __func__, &setParameter[1][0], &setParameter[1][0]);
......@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ uint16_t owiTemperatureGetNumberOfDevicesAndSetTemperatureMask(struct uartStruct
return tempDevices;
void owiTemperatureMiscSubCommandGetSetFlag(struct uartStruct *ptr_uartStruct, uint8_t *flag, const prog_char *text, uint8_t invert)
void owiTemperatureMiscSubCommandGetSetFlag(struct uartStruct *ptr_uartStruct, uint8_t *flag, PGM_P text, uint8_t invert)
switch(ptr_uartStruct->number_of_arguments - 1 /* arguments of argument */)
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