Commit 3918bf78 authored by Dennis Klein's avatar Dennis Klein
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feat: Update asio v1.19.2, asiofi v0.5.1, fcm v1.0.0, fairmq v1.4.41

parent 4abce004
[submodule "packages/fairlogger"]
path = packages/fairlogger
url =
[submodule "packages/dds"]
path = packages/dds
url =
[submodule "packages/fairsoft-release"]
path = packages/fairsoft-release
url =
......@@ -16,3 +13,6 @@
[submodule "packages/asiofi"]
path = packages/asiofi
url =
[submodule "packages/fairmq"]
path = packages/fairmq
url =
Subproject commit d7d5405c1a3e7e5b472159b8d22a386c5ab59677
Subproject commit 462c5a4b1f80d43f70b60a4f80be9bb36d3571d2
Subproject commit 60884b7d96bafbe7239e497970976cc0a4c34290
Subproject commit d24cea0a3e736704e5d6c2e8d694a4ede8152264
Subproject commit f33f1a6a95eecbfebc6042af382fcf2d3128ba15
Subproject commit 671b3bd183d692eca52607213381a1735d49fc5a
Subproject commit 0038a8c984b3b9da7c01589d9d199a61ce4427d7
Subproject commit ff0a5fc9ba2acc77fc9c14b461d93f7b59721d15
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ function build_srpm() {
if [[ -n "$(grep '^%define gh_repo_url ' ${spec})" ]]; then
git clone -b ${cloneversion} --depth 1 ${url} ${name}-${version}
git -C ${name}-${version} submodule update --init
tar cvzf ${tarball} ${name}-${version}
rm -rf ${name}-${version}
......@@ -93,8 +94,8 @@ function build() {
build asio
build dds
build faircmakemodules
build asiofi
build fairlogger
build fairmq
build fairsoft-release
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