Commit 9a6d45ee authored by Dmytro Kresan's avatar Dmytro Kresan
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[molflow] Add openmpi dependency.

parent 1802e7d2
......@@ -10,14 +10,14 @@ class Molflow(CMakePackage):
"""A Monte-Carlo Simulator package developed at CERN"""
homepage = ""
url = ""
git = ""
maintainers = ['ChristianTackeGSI']
version('2.9.4_beta', sha256='876ec0d1118e8c34c6b60cf071a2eef3bce90d2b4ba1e2b777aea0de3cae9b35')
version('2.9.4_beta', commit='426e6ccc239a82cbd8a14f18be15cbbf07bd7e74', submodules=True, no_cache=True)
version('2.9.3_beta', commit='26599088db87ddda2e3d1c5f6f9f2f93907873b9', submodules=True, no_cache=True)
depends_on('cmake@3.12.2:', type='build')
def cmake_args(self):
return [
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