Commit de3ba570 authored by Dmytro Kresan's avatar Dmytro Kresan
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Backport py-pythran.

parent 13213293
diff --git a/omp/ b/omp/
index bddae3063..10a4cc995 100644
--- a/omp/
+++ b/omp/
@@ -69,10 +69,16 @@ class OpenMP(object):
def init_not_msvc(self):
""" Find OpenMP library and try to load if using ctype interface. """
- # find_library() does not search automatically LD_LIBRARY_PATH
+ # find_library() does not automatically search LD_LIBRARY_PATH
+ # until Python 3.6+, so we explicitly add it.
+ # LD_LIBRARY_PATH is used on Linux, while macOS uses DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
paths = os.environ.get('LD_LIBRARY_PATH', '').split(':')
+ paths += os.environ.get('DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH', '').split(':')
+ paths += os.environ.get('DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH', '').split(':')
- for libomp_name in self.get_libomp_names():
+ libomp_names = self.get_libomp_names()
+ for libomp_name in libomp_names:
if cxx is None or sys.platform == 'win32':
# Note: Clang supports -print-file-name, but not yet for
# clang-cl as of v12.0.0 (April '21)
@@ -87,25 +93,27 @@ class OpenMP(object):
except (OSError, CalledProcessError):
- # Try to load find libgomp shared library using loader search dirs
- libgomp_path = find_library("gomp")
- # Try to use custom paths if lookup failed
- for path in paths:
- if libgomp_path:
- break
- path = path.strip()
- if os.path.isdir(path):
- libgomp_path = find_library(os.path.join(str(path), "libgomp"))
- if not libgomp_path:
- raise ImportError("I can't find a shared library for libgomp,"
- " you may need to install it or adjust the "
- "LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.")
- else:
- # Load the library (shouldn't fail with an absolute path right?)
- self.libomp = ctypes.CDLL(libgomp_path)
- self.version = 45
+ for libomp_name in libomp_names:
+ # Try to load find libomp shared library using loader search dirs
+ libomp_path = find_library(libomp_name)
+ # Try to use custom paths if lookup failed
+ for path in paths:
+ if libomp_path:
+ break
+ path = path.strip()
+ if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(path, libomp_name)):
+ libomp_path = os.path.join(path, libomp_name)
+ if libomp_path:
+ # Load the library (shouldn't fail with an absolute path right?)
+ self.libomp = ctypes.CDLL(libomp_path)
+ self.version = 45
+ return
+ raise ImportError("I can't find a shared library for libomp,"
+ " you may need to install it or adjust the "
+ "LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.")
def __getattr__(self, name):
# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)
import sys
from spack.package import *
class PyPythran(PythonPackage):
"""Ahead of Time compiler for numeric kernels."""
homepage = ""
pypi = "pythran/pythran-0.9.11.tar.gz"
version('0.11.0', sha256='0b2cba712e09f7630879dff69f268460bfe34a6d6000451b47d598558a92a875')
version('0.10.0', sha256='9dac8e1d50f33d4676003e350b1f0c878ce113e6f907920e92dc103352cac5bf')
version('0.9.12', sha256='5d50dc74dca1d3f902941865acbae981fc24cceeb9d54673d68d6b5c8c1b0001')
version('0.9.11', sha256='a317f91e2aade9f6550dc3bf40b5caeb45b7e012daf27e2b3e4ad928edb01667')
version('0.9.10', sha256='8fa1d19624cb2950e5a18974fdcb0dffc57e1a821049dc95df09563edd673915')
version('0.9.9', sha256='aaabc97f30ad46d1d62303323de6697d2933779afa4666c15b0f433cb50825b1')
version('0.9.8', sha256='81c10a16fce9ed41211fb70e82fda6984e93f4602a164934648db8cbb08156b3')
version('0.9.7', sha256='ac36a94bd862e3c80dae585158b90d3e7c5c05fd252819f3ca7d880a1c7c1012')
version('0.9.6', sha256='2d102a55d9d53f77cf0f4a904eeb5cbaa8fe76e4892319a859fc618401e2f6ba')
version('0.9.5', sha256='815a778d6889593c0b8ddf08052cff36a504ce4cc8bd8d7bfb856a212f91486e')
version('0.9.4', sha256='ec9c91f5331454263b064027292556a184a9f55a50f8615e09b08f57a4909855')
version('0.9.3', sha256='217427a8225a331fdc8f3efe57871aed775cdf2c6e847a0a83df0aaae4b02493')
depends_on('python@3:', when='@0.9.6:', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('python@2.7:', when='@:0.9.5', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-setuptools', type='build')
depends_on('py-pytest-runner', type='build', when='@:0.9')
depends_on('py-ply@3.4:', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-networkx@2:', when='@:0.9.11', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-decorator', when='@:0.9.11', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-gast@0.5.0:0.5', when='@0.9.12:', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-gast@0.4.0:0.4', when='@0.9.7:0.9.11', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-gast@0.3.3:0.3', when='@0.9.6', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-gast@0.3.0:', when='@0.9.4:0.9.5', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-gast', when='@:0.9.3', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-six', when='@:0.9.11', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-numpy', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-beniget@0.4.0:0.4', when='@0.9.12:', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-beniget@0.3.0:0.3', when='@0.9.7:0.9.11', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-beniget@0.2.1:0.2', when='@0.9.6', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-beniget@0.2.0:', when='@0.9.4:0.9.5', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('py-beniget', when='@:0.9.3', type=('build', 'run'))
depends_on('llvm-openmp', when='%apple-clang', type=('build', 'run'))
patch('omp.patch', when='@0.9.10:0.9.12')
conflicts('%apple-clang@13:', when='@:0.10')
def patch(self):
# Compiler is used at run-time to determine name of OpenMP library to search for
cfg_file = join_path('pythran', 'pythran-{0}.cfg'.format(sys.platform))
filter_file('CXX=', 'CXX=' + self.compiler.cxx, cfg_file)
def setup_build_environment(self, env):
# Needed for `spack install --test=root py-pythran`
if self.spec.satisfies('%apple-clang'):
def setup_run_environment(self, env):
# Needed for `spack test run py-pythran`
def setup_dependent_build_environment(self, env, dependent_spec):
# Needed for `spack install py-scipy`
def setup_dependent_run_environment(self, env, dependent_spec):
# Probably needed for something?
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