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Fehlerbehandlung in Handle zusammengefasst.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
Fehler der von Thomas Bahrmann entwickelten Motorsteuerungen @ Friedrich-Schiller-Universitt Jena
<nifamily familyname="FSU Motor Error" displayname="FSU Motor Error">
<nierror code="505000">
No error
<nierror code="505001">
Switch is not on PC
<nierror code="505002">
Stack is Full
<nierror code="505003">
Incorrect Parameters
<nierror code="505004">
Motor is running
<nierror code="505005">
Incorrect Format
<nierror code="505006">
Limit Switch is triggered
<nierror code="505007">
Incorrect Command
<nierror code="505008">
Motor doesn't exist
<nierror code="505009">
Remote failed
<nierror code="505010">
Data is failure1
<nierror code="505011">
Data is failure2
<nierror code="505012">
Adjust is disabled
<nierror code="505013">
Sofware switch fault
<nierror code="505014">
Mirco-Mode is disabled
<nierror code="505015">
Current error
<nierror code="505016">
load default parameter
<nierror code="505017">
A password is required
<nierror code="505018">
Device not found
<nierror code="505019">
False device
<nierror code="505020">
USB Device not found
<nierror code="505021">
TCP Device not found
<nierror code="505022">
Both endcontacts are triggered
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
<Item Name="Motor HW Cnfg.ctl" Type="VI" URL="../../Motor Actor/Motor Actor/Motor HW Cnfg.ctl"/>
<Item Name="Speed Cnfg.ctl" Type="VI" URL="../../Motor Actor/Motor Actor/Speed Cnfg.ctl"/>
<Item Name="Motor State.ctl" Type="VI" URL="../../Motor Actor/Motor Actor/Motor State.ctl"/>
<Item Name="ErrorEnum.ctl" Type="VI" URL="../../Motor Actor/Motor Actor/ErrorEnum.ctl"/>
<Item Name="Th Bahrmann Error codes.ctl" Type="VI" URL="../../Motor Actor/Motor Actor/Th Bahrmann Error codes.ctl"/>
<Item Name="FSU SMS Actor.lvclass" Type="LVClass" URL="../FSU SMS Actor/FSU SMS Actor/FSU SMS Actor.lvclass"/>
<Item Name="FSU SMS Device.ico" Type="Document" URL="../FSU SMS Device.ico"/>
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