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Order after nslcd.service

See: systemd.special(7) entry on

nslcd provides LDAP based user lookups. should only be reached when all user
lookup services are ready.
So order accordingly.

systemd.special(7) also suggests to add a Wants= for
services providing user lookup. So also add that.
parent ff8a4363
......@@ -80,7 +80,8 @@ if ! node['sys']['ldap'].empty? && File.exist?('/usr/bin/kinit')
'Unit' => {
'Documentation' => 'man:nslcd',
'Description' => 'Name service lookup daemon',
'Before' => ['', 'xdm.service', 'nscd.service'],
'Before' => ['', 'xdm.service', 'nscd.service', ''],
'Wants' => ['']
'After' => 'k5start-nslcd.service',
'BindsTo' => 'k5start-nslcd.service',
#'JoinsNamespaceOf' => 'k5start-nslcd.service',
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