Commit 8700f464 authored by Victor Penso's avatar Victor Penso
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Rename test role

parent 009407f1
name 'yum'
description 'Yum configuration for testing'
name 'yum_mirror'
description 'Configure a Yum package mirror'
run_list( 'recipe[base]' )
package: [
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ default_attributes(
# Disable the firewall in the internal network
'firewalld.service': { action: [:stop, :disable] },
# Autonomous package updates
'yum-cron.service': { action: [:stop, :disable] },
'yum-cron.service': { action: [:start, :enable] },
# Service to sync the package mirror
'reposync.timer': { action: [:enable, :start] }
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