Commit b898a09a authored by Victor Penso's avatar Victor Penso
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New test role to create a Yum package repo

parent 8700f464
name 'yum_repo'
description 'Configure a local Yum package repository'
directory: {
'/var/www/html/repo': { recursive: true }
execute: {
# Initialize once when repo is created
'createrepo /var/www/html/repo': {
creates: '/var/www/html/repo/repodata'
# Update after additional packages have been added
'createrepo --update /var/www/html/repo': {
action: :nothing
# Download packages to the repository
remote_file: {
'/var/www/html/repo/chef-13.1.31-1.el7.x86_64.rpm': {
source: '',
notifies: [:run, 'execute[createrepo --update /var/www/html/repo]', :delayed]
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