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documentation about remote publishing

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Keep software build systems in sync with a CVMFS repository server.
All attributes in `node.cvmfs`:
* `remote` (required) – Hash containing a list of CVMFs repository servers.
* `remote_key` (optional) – SSH private key used to login to the CVMFS repository servers.
Each element in `node.cvmfs.remote` requires a `server` host name and a list of users `maintainer` allowed to modify the local software directory, and to synchronise with the CVMFS server.
:cvmfs => {
:remote => {
"alpha.devops.test" => {
:server => "lxfs01.devops.test",
:maintainer => [ 'skywalker','solo' ]
"betta.devops.test" => {
:server => 'lxfs02.devops.test',
:maintainer => [ 'lea', 'joda' ]
:remote_key => '…'
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