Commit 9adb7592 authored by Christopher Huhn's avatar Christopher Huhn
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Parameterize cvmfs client package name

parent 620ed813
default[:cvmfs][:version] =
default[:cvmfs][:keys] =
default['cvmfs']['version'] = ''
default['cvmfs']['keys'] = {}
default['cvmfs']['client']['package'] = 'cvmfs'
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ else
when /^8/
package 'cvmfs-client'
when /^9/
package 'cvmfs-client'
package node['cvmfs']['client']['package']
log "Platform version #{node[:platform_version]} not supported!" do
level :warn
require 'spec_helper'
describe package('cvmfs-client') do
# TODO: find a good way to determine which variant of CVMFS we have installed
# `grep-status -s Package,Status -P cvmfs-release` ???
# For now:
if true
cvmfs_client_package = 'cvmfs'
cvmfs_client_package = 'cvmfs-client'
describe package(cvmfs_client_package) do
it { should be_installed }
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