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Add a Stretch-specific package list

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# package list for creating the NFSROOT
<%# FIXME: this is actually pretty stupid:
The FAI config is not tied to the host OS but to the installer OS
Having this NFSROOT will not work for Jessie installers on Stretch
Has to be implemented smarter.
PACKAGES install
nfs-common fai-nfsroot ssh rdate lshw rpcbind
rsync lftp less dump reiserfsprogs e2fsprogs usbutils
hwinfo psmisc pciutils hdparm smartmontools parted mdadm lvm2
dnsutils ntpdate dosfstools xfsprogs xfsdump btrfs-tools
procinfo numactl dialog
console-common kbd
iproute2 netselect moreutils udev subversion
pxelinux syslinux-common # in jessie we need both
curl wget- netcat-traditional
ca-certificates # for get-config-dir-https
# some network cards needs firmware
firmware-bnx2 firmware-bnx2x firmware-realtek
# dracut replaces live-boot and initramfs-tools
dracut-network dracut live-boot- initramfs-tools-
dracut-config-generic # for jessie add "deb jessie koeln"
#git # git consumes a lot of disk space on the FAI CD
sysvinit-core systemd-sysv-
<%- if @extra_pkgs -%>
# The following packages where added via Chef attributes:
<%= @extra_pkgs.join('\n') %>
<%- end -%>
# you should not edit the lines below
# architecture dependend list of packages that are installed
PACKAGES install I386
# packages for Ubuntu natty/oneiric/precise:
# linux-image-generic live-boot
PACKAGES install AMD64
# packages for Ubuntu vivid
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