Commit 84e1c931 authored by André Kerkhoff's avatar André Kerkhoff
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Make sure that {PROXY}{HOST} is set before installing plugins

parent 25156b66
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ maintainer 'HPC'
maintainer_email ''
license 'All rights reserved'
description 'Installs/Configures Foswiki'
version '2.1.2'
version '2.1.3'
depends 'apache2', '< 6.0'
supports 'debian'
supports 'ubuntu'
......@@ -49,10 +49,18 @@ template "#{foswiki_dir('install')}/robots.txt" do
# Configure Foswiki
new_config = node['foswiki']['config'].dup || {} { |k| k.end_with?('Dir') }.each do |key|
new_config[key] = new_config[key].gsub('{install}', install_dir)
unless new_config['PROXY'].nil? || new_config['PROXY']['HOST'].nil?
# Proxy is important to install plugins later
foswiki_configure '{PROXY}{HOST}' do
value new_config['PROXY']['HOST']
tools_dir tools_dir
foswiki_configure 'foswiki' do
config new_config
tools_dir tools_dir
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