Commit 01655c69 authored by m.pausch's avatar m.pausch
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Keep old interface names

parent 20a3117d
......@@ -26,6 +26,14 @@ if node['platform_version'].to_i >= 9 && !node['sys']['networkd'].empty?
delete = Dir.glob('/etc/systemd/network/*')
keep = []
keep << '' unless node['sys']['networkd']['preditcable_interface_names']
sys_systemd_unit '' do
directory '/etc/systemd/network'
action :mask
not_if { node['sys']['networkd']['predictable_interface_names'] }
if node['sys']['networkd']['make_primary_interface_persistent']
# This uses ohai data, so any manual change to the network interface
# will be made permanent. This flag is intended to be used by a one-time
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