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    LU-11023 quota: quota pools for OSTs · 09f9fb32
    Sergey Cheremencev authored
    Patch allows to apply quota settings
    not only for the whole system, but also
    for different OST pools. Since this patch
    each "LOD" pool is duplicated by QMT.
    Thus quota pools(QP) could be tuned by
    standard lctl pool_new/add/remove/erase
    commands. All QPs are subset of a global pool
    that includes all data devices in a system,
    including DOM. However DOM is not supported.
    I don't see a lot of work to add DOM support
    in future - just need to decide how MDTs
    could be combined in a pool.
    The main idea of QP is to find all pools
    for requested ID(usr/grp/prj) and apply
    minimum limit. The patch doesn't affect
    qsd side, so slaves know nothing about
    pools and different limits. Qunit and edquot
    are calculated for each slave on master.
    To apply quota on QP, the patch adds key "-o"
    to lfs setquota. To get quotas for QP, it
    provides long option "--pool" in lfs quota.
    See examples of using in sanity-quota_1b/c/d.
    Now QPs work properly only on a clean system.
    Support of recalculation granted space in case
    of adding/removing OSTs in a pool will be added
    in the next patch together with accounting
    already granted space by each ID in a POOl.
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