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    LU-12748 readahead: limit async ra requests · 1427a720
    Wang Shilong authored
    Currently async readahead is limited by following factors:
    1) @ra_max_pages_per_file
    2) @ra_max_read_ahead_whole_pages;
    3) @ra_async_pages_per_file_threshold
    If admin change a large value 4G to @ra_max_read_ahead_whole_pages,
    with 16M RPC we could have 256 async readahead requests
    flighting at the same time, this could consume all CPU
    resources for readahead without limiting.
    Even though we could set @max_active for workqueue,
    RA requests still kept in the workqueue pool which help
    prevent from CPU busying, the problem is RA still try to
    use CPU later, we might still submit too many requests
    to workqueue, so instead of limiting it in the workqueue,
    we could limit it earlier, if there has been too many
    async RA requests in the system(let's say default is 1/2
    of CPU cores), we just fallback to sync RA, which limit
    read threads using all CPU resources.
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