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    LU-10467 lustre: use wait_event_idle_timeout() as appropriate. · a7ff5d05
    Mr NeilBrown authored
    If l_wait_event() is passed an lwi initialised with
    one of
       LWI_TIMEOUT( time, NULL, NULL)
    where time != 0, then it behaves much like
    All signals are blocked, and it waits either for the
    condition to be true, or for the timeout (in jiffies).
    Note that LWI_ON_SIGNAL_NOOP has no effect here.
    l_wait_event() returns 0 when the condition is true, or -ETIMEDOUT
    when the timeout occurs.  wait_event_idle_timeout() instead returns a
    positive number when the condition is true, and 0 when the timeout
    occurs.  So in the cases where return value is used, handling needs to
    be adjusted accordingly.
    Note that in some cases where cfs_fail_val gives the time to wait for,
    the current code re-tests the wait time against zero as cfs_fail_val
    can change asynchronously.  This is because l_wait_event() behaves
    quite differently if the timeout is zero.
    The new code doesn't need to do that as wait_event_idle_timeout()
    treat 0 just as a very short wait, which is exactly the correct
    behavior here.
    This patch also removes a comment which is no longer meaningful
    (CAN_MATCH) and corrects a debug message which reported the wait time
    as "seconds" rather than the correct "jiffies".
    This patch doesn't change the timed wait in cl_sync_io_wait().
    That is a bit more complicated, so it left to a separate patch.
    Change-Id: I632afc290935e321926f45b144d5367799a01381
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMr NeilBrown <neilb@suse.com>
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