Commit c21593f7 authored by Kubo Takehiro's avatar Kubo Takehiro
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Use RbConfig::CONFIG instead of deprecated Config::CONFIG.

parent d7059c6c
2016-04-24 Kubo Takehiro <>
* docs/ Use RbConfig::CONFIG instead of
deprecated Config::CONFIG.
2016-04-24 Kubo Takehiro <>
* lib/oci8/oci8.rb: Add OCI8::in_cond and OCI8:InCondBindHelper.
* test/test_all.rb, test/test_bind_array.rb: Add test of OCI8::in_cond.
......@@ -20,14 +20,14 @@ If it is a new one, post the following information to [github][].
file `which ruby`
ruby --version
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p Config::CONFIG['host']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p Config::CONFIG['CC']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p Config::CONFIG['CFLAGS']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p Config::CONFIG['LDSHARED']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p Config::CONFIG['LDFLAGS']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p Config::CONFIG['DLDLAGS']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p Config::CONFIG['LIBS']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p Config::CONFIG['GNU_LD']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['host']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['CC']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['CFLAGS']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['LDSHARED']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['LDFLAGS']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['DLDLAGS']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['LIBS']"
ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['GNU_LD']"
# if you use gcc,
gcc --print-prog-name=ld
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