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......@@ -133,22 +133,25 @@ ACL Allbery verifier verifiers
=head1 NAME
Wallet::ACL::Base - Generic parent class for wallet ACL verifiers
Wallet::ACL::Nested - Wallet ACL verifier to check another ACL
package Wallet::ACL::Simple
@ISA = qw(Wallet::ACL::Base);
sub check {
my ($self, $principal, $acl) = @_;
return ($principal eq $acl) ? 1 : 0;
my $verifier = Wallet::ACL::Nested->new;
my $status = $verifier->check ($principal, $acl);
if (not defined $status) {
die "Something failed: ", $verifier->error, "\n";
} elsif ($status) {
print "Access granted\n";
} else {
print "Access denied\n";
Wallet::ACL::Base is the generic parent class for wallet ACL verifiers.
It provides default functions and behavior and all ACL verifiers should
inherit from it. It is not used directly.
Wallet::ACL::Nested checks whether the principal is permitted by another
named ACL and, if so, returns success. It is used to nest one ACL inside
=head1 METHODS
......@@ -156,26 +159,19 @@ inherit from it. It is not used directly.
=item new()
Creates a new ACL verifier. The generic function provided here just
creates and blesses an object.
Creates a new ACL verifier.
=item check(PRINCIPAL, ACL)
This method should always be overridden by child classes. The default
implementation just declines all access.
Returns true if PRINCIPAL is granted access according to the nested ACL,
specified by name. Returns false if it is not, and undef on error.
=item error([ERROR ...])
Returns the error of the last failing operation or undef if no operations
have failed. Callers should call this function to get the error message
after an undef return from any other instance method.
For the convenience of child classes, this method can also be called with
one or more error strings. If so, those strings are concatenated
together, trailing newlines are removed, any text of the form S<C< at \S+
line \d+\.?>> at the end of the message is stripped off, and the result is
stored as the error. Only child classes should call this method with an
error string.
after an undef return from any other instance method. The returned errors
will generally come from the nested child ACL.
......@@ -188,6 +184,6 @@ available from L<>.
=head1 AUTHOR
Russ Allbery <>
Jon Robertson <>
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