Commit 7ae3a748 authored by epackorigan's avatar epackorigan Committed by Russ Allbery
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correcting msktutil usage to support more enctypes

with multiple enctypes specified, only the last one will actually take effect. If you wish to provide support for more then one, you need to add the values (0x04 + 0x08 + 0x10 = 0x1C). 
replacing the 3 lines with one line to enable all three. Note that the keytabs generated will have 3 line for each principal (one for each enctypes).

See msktutil man page for further details on enctypes.
parent e6e72f82
......@@ -184,9 +184,7 @@ sub ad_create_update {
my @cmd = ('--' . $action);
push @cmd, '--server', $Wallet::Config::AD_SERVER;
push @cmd, '--enctypes', '0x4';
push @cmd, '--enctypes', '0x8';
push @cmd, '--enctypes', '0x10';
push @cmd, '--enctypes', '0x1C';
push @cmd, '--keytab', $keytab;
push @cmd, '--realm', $Wallet::Config::KEYTAB_REALM;
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