Commit 80090f7f authored by Russ Allbery's avatar Russ Allbery
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Include .travis.yml in the distribution

We want it to propagate to the other repository branches for Debian
packaging so that it will turn off builds in those branches.
parent 196daba5
......@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ PERL_DIRECTORIES = perl perl/lib perl/lib/Wallet perl/lib/Wallet/ACL \
perl/t/policy perl/t/style perl/t/util perl/t/verifier
EXTRA_DIST = .gitignore LICENSE autogen client/wallet.pod \
EXTRA_DIST = .gitignore .travis.yml LICENSE autogen client/wallet.pod \
client/wallet-rekey.pod config/allow-extract config/keytab \
config/keytab.acl config/wallet config/wallet-report.acl \
docs/design contrib/README contrib/convert-srvtab-db \
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