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......@@ -183,14 +183,21 @@ BUILD AND INSTALLATION
must be specified either in krb5.conf configuration or on the wallet
command line or the client will exit with an error.
By default, wallet uses whatever perl executable exists in the current $PATH.
That Perl's path is what the server scripts will use, and that Perl's
configuration will be used to determine where the server Perl modules will be
To specify a particular Perl executable to use, either set the PERL
environment variable or pass it to configure like:
./configure PERL=/path/to/my/perl
By default, wallet installs itself under /usr/local except for the
server Perl modules, which are installed into whatever default site
module path is used by your Perl installation. To change the
installation location of the files other than the Perl modules, pass the
--prefix=DIR argument to configure. To change the Perl module
installation location, you will need to run perl on Makefile.PL in the
perl subdirectory of the build tree with appropriate options and rebuild
the module after running make and before running make install.
--prefix=DIR argument to configure.
If remctl was installed in a path not normally searched by your
compiler, you must specify its installation prefix to configure with the
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