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# Getting started
## Packer
1.Create a ed25519 host key with follwing name "ssh_host_ed25519_key" accordingly "" and move it into prvisioning/secrets.
cd alxmonitoring/offline/packer/provisioning
mkdir secrets
cd secrets
ssh-keygen -t ed25519
2.Create in also in folder ```alxmonitoring/offline/packer/provisioning``` a ```authorized_keys``` file and paste here the key you want use to connect via ssh.
3.Now you are ready to build the diskimage. Change into ```alxmonitoring/offline/packer``` folder and run the following command.
./ archlinux-monitoring.json
## Ansible
4.Create the necessary TLS certificates with following script.
5.Start the newly created diskimage with your hypervisor and obtain the assigned ip address. e.g.:
arp -i %virtual_network_name% -n
6.Change into ```alxmonitoring``` folder and change in ```inventory.yml```the variable 'ansible_host' to your vm's ip address.
7.Before Ansible can configure and provision the vm, we need to set an sudo password for user anible. e.g:
ssh root@%ip% -i %your_key%
passwd ansible
8.To configure and provision the newly created vm, run follwing ansible-playbook command.
ansible-playbook alxmonitoring.yml --extra-vars "ansible_sudo_pass=%sudopassword%"
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