tagged as 1.3CE

New upstream version from the internal WOMBAT project with the following changes:


  • Camera: Added improved "Find Cams" function which lists all available cameras. The corresponding driver is selected automatically (wombat#142).
  • Framework: Added a mechanism for updating GUIs if a previously minimized window is unhidden. This way modules can do no longer nedd to be open in order to keep the GUI updated (wombat#80).
  • SHS Calibrator: Measure the residual SHS lens array rotation while taking an absolute reference. Even small angles turned out to have a significant influence on the measured wavefront (wombat#132).
  • Framework: Improve module crash treatment by introducing a general error handler which only closes the crashed module instead of the entire application (wombat#172).
  • ShearplateSimulator: Add a "Save" button (wombat#175).
  • Use a central "GUI Update Do" function to clean up the code.


  • ShearplateSimulator: Fix a crash if IOR < 0.7 was selected (wombat#181).
  • AOControlChainBuilder: Fix an issue preventing to record valid response (wombat#183).
  • AOControl: Fix an issue setting static channel values after loading a chain file (wombat#189).