tagged as 1.4CE

New upstream version from the internal WOMBAT project with the following changes:


  • Added new general plotter module (wombat#188).
  • various code cleanup.


  • ImageSrc: Fix wrong handling of relative amplitude for calculated images.
  • Fix wrong error handling for NF Simulator for negative relative amplitudes.
  • ImgClass: Fix wrong internal normalization with respect to bit depth.
  • AnalysisActor: Fix wrong error message if reference was not found (wombat#182).
  • WavefrontOffset: Fix error in InterpolateGradientField (wombat#190).
  • Remove sound handling from MLAAlignmentHelper in order to remove libraray dependencies (wombat#193).
  • Logger: Application is no longer blocked if module is enabled/disabled within waiting time (wombat#186).