Commit f6cf2879 authored by Christian Brabetz's avatar Christian Brabetz
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more fixes fo ebt3 half.

parent 695ccc92
......@@ -515,7 +515,7 @@ for i=1:length(handles.parameters.rcf_config)
legend_text{col_index} = char([num2str(j,'%05.2d'),' - ',char(handles.parameters.rcf_config(i)),', ','E \approx ',num2str(handles.parameters.stoppingE(i),'%04.1f'),' MeV']);
case {'HD','MD','M2','HS','H2','H3','E3','LA'}
case {'HD','MD','M2','HS','H2','H3','E3','LA','ES'}
corroffhdl=findobj('Tag', 'corroff');
corronhdl=findobj('Tag', 'corron');
if (get(corronhdl,'Value')==1)
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