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New features:

- Add support for boolean scalar data-type (Issue #9)
- Unified creation of Links to 'major', 'major.minor' and 'latest' snap7
and silecs version

Bugfixes / Maintenance:

- Add missing const specifier in codegen (Issue #56)
- Use FESA Version from FESA .design/.deploy file (Issue #74)
- Remove hardcoded silecs version and installation path (Issue #75)
- Setup silecs environments script and version symlinks (Issue #64)
- silecs-cli: Support for migration to a new silecs version (Issue #58)
- Automatically install python-xmlschema when missing (Issue #73)
- silecs-cli: Add XSD 1.1 validation to implement missing Java
validation rules (Issue: #61)
- silecs-cli: Add support for "release param" feature (Issue #59)
- Updated and automated snap7 build
- Update