__cplusplus User Group

__cplusplus User Group

Organization of the C++ User Group at GSI

C++ User Group

C++ is a powerful language. While first results are easy enough, mastering the more advanced aspects of the language requires constant learning. We therefore want to meet regularly to learn from each others experience with C++.


We meet every even numbered week on Wednesday, 14:00โ€“15:00 + unofficial open end. Rooms will be announced. Talks are prepared by participants and should be 15โ€“25 minutes long, allowing for ample discussion time. Topics and speakers will be suggested / volunteered here or in the meetings. We can use the issue tracker for general organization:

After the talks we have enough time to talk about any C++ issues participants bring along. Also we welcome everyone who has time to stay & talk longer. Once the cafeteria is open again we might std::move ourselves over there.

Subscribe to our mailing list (via mail or webinterface) if you want to receive announcement mails. You can, of course, also watch this project or the Indico category.

Visit the corresponding Indico category for details about the individual User Group meetings, where you need to register for individual meetings.

Please note that we have a Code of Conduct, which should mostly be irrelevant since it encodes common sense and manners ๐Ÿ˜‰.


Anything related to C++ is obviously on topic. This includes tools supporting C++ development and general software engineering topics.

For more C++ related discussion use the C++ Chat on Mattermost or submit an Issue on C++ Support (best effort only; and feel free to join in supporting others).