27a88ba typos
fe3d52a typos, small fixes in documentation
9a7a051 add basic documentation on LDAP/Kerberos
2b6761e add test-role for sys::ldap
4a57be8 add test-role for sys::krb5
1b1b6e8 add documentation for sys::ldap
935ca2d add documentation for sys::krb5
eac0a28 Merge branch master of gitorious.gsi.de:site-cookbooks/sys
c385dc3 new contributor
68be080 adept documentation of automounter to recent changes
2169e1d Use /etc/auto.master.d to configure multiple maps.
32b70fe Double quotes required for string interpolation
9a108c0 Less boiler-plate code
05a500f Rewrite autofs recipe to make use of /etc/auto.master.d
26e101e Package is autofs, autofs5 is only an obsolete dummy
ca4773a add readme file for the ldap-recipe
5d6e2d9 add readme file for the krb5-recipe