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    LU-10934 llite: integrate statx() API with Lustre · 3f7853b3
    Qian Yingjin authored
    System call statx() interface can specify a bitmask to fetch
    specific attributes from a file (e.g. st_uid, st_gid, st_mode, and
    st_btime = file creation time), rather than fetching all of the
    normal stat() attributes (such as st_size and st_blocks). It also
    has a AT_STATX_DONT_SYNC mode which allows the kernel to return
    cached attributes without flushing all of the client data and
    fetching an accurate result from the server.
    The conditions for adding statx() API for Lustre are mature:
    1. statx() is added to Linux 4.11+;
    2. glibc supports statx() (glibc 2.28+ -> RHEL 8, Ubuntun 18.10+)
    3. The support for stat(1) and ls(1) to use statx(3) to fetch
       only the required attributes has landed to the upstream GNU
       coreutils package.
    This patch integrates statx() API with Lustre so that we can take
    advantage of the efficiencies available:
    - Only fetch MDS attributes if STATX_SIZE, STATX_BLOCKS and
      STATX_MTIME are not requested, and avoid OSS glimpse RPCs
    - Hook this into statahead to avoid async glimpse locks (AGL) if
      OST information not needed;
    - Enhance the MDS RPC interface to return the file creation time
      stored in both ldiskfs and ZFS already, and enable STATX_BTIME;
    - Better support with AT_STATX_DONT_SYNC mode. Return the "lazy"
      attributes or cached attributes (even stale) on a client if
      available without any RPCs to servers (MDS and OSS).
    - statx (lustre/test/statx): port coreutils ls/stat by using
      statx(3) system call if OS supported it.
    - Test scripts. Using statx() to verify btime attribute and the
      advantage described above.
    Test-Parameters: clientdistro=el8
    Test-Parameters: clientdistro=ubuntu1804
    Signed-off-by: default avatarQian Yingjin <qian@ddn.com>
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